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About Active RVer

Learn more about Active RVer and getting the most out of your RV.

Many people enjoy the RV lifestyle. They tell us that they share the passion and SOMEDAY they want to travel more, but worry about a lack of money, the time, or both...

It's a common problem, and one that we have faced as well. We overcame the things holding us back, and so can you.

Read our story...

A life changing event

Don was born with a congenital heart defect; Epstein's anomaly, a childhood heart abnormality of a deformed tricuspid valve which allows a large amount of blood to flow backwards. In the 40's most children born with Epstein's would not survive past the age of 13th.

Don's heart was weak, he struggled to breath and didn't have the energy to enjoy the normal activities of a child. Blessed with a nurturing mother who wanted him to see the good in all things, and to think of the suffering of other children who had to bear far worse, Don accepted his fate and was determined to enjoy life no matter how short.

The miracle of science came just in time. At age 13 Don underwent a ground breaking new surgery to repair the tricuspid valve and allow blood to flow normally in his heart. He could breath, his lips were no longer blue, and he could run for the first time in his life! Although his heart was weak and enlarged a whole new world had opened up, and for the first time in his life he felt alive with energy!

The doctors told him it would buy him some time, but for now medical science had saved his life. He went through several more surgeries each one designed to buy him a little more time. Then at age 51 following surgery a clot developed that caused a severe heart attack permanently damaging the strong side of his heart. Weak and enlarged his heart began to deteriorate rapidly, and many of his friends and family who visited the hospital thought they were seeing Don for the last time.

The greatest gift... another miracle

Less than 24 hours after being placed on the heart transplant list a young boy lost his life in a fatal car accident. Despite their intense grief the boys family gave the ultimate gift of life. The surgery left Don with a chance for a new life. He was on borrowed time and didn't want to waste a minute of it.

boy meets girl...

Life had imploded for Sharon when after 25 years of nurturing and caring for a husband with cutaneous t-cell lymphoma had turned to Acute Leukemia and her longtime love suddenly passed away. Then an online message from a stranger came "Will You Dance with Me?" to a lonely grieving widow sitting in front of a computer screen. Two strangers meet and grab what's left of life. There was an instant connection between us as if we were destined to find each other.

Feeling as though we had nothing left to lose. The next couple of years were a whirl-wind of travel and adventure. Laughing, traveling, and of course dancing. We had found a new life together and discovered our love of RV travel.

Our dream was to go RVing and wander back roads, and small towns, find great out of the way oddities, and enjoy delightful little restaurants. Of course we still needed income for medical insurance to cover the whopping medical bills and Don's prescriptions necessary to keep him alive, but finding a job is tough after a heart transplant. No one is lining up to hire you, but we were determined to find a way to continue to travel in our RV as often as possible.