Active Adult Retirement Living

Active adult retirement living in an RV many seem like an unconventional retirement choice, but many retirees don't want to stay in one place, so they take to the road in their RV's for adventure.

I really love reading the magazine "Where to Retire," but browsing through the pages of beautiful places I find it an impossible task to choose one retirement location from the diverse array of nationwide destinations. As I ponder what kind of retirement lifestyle we might enjoy more I consider a Coastal paradise filled with outdoor fun on the beach, or how about a desert climate with spectacular scenery and pink sunsets, maybe a 4-season destination with year-round activities and seasonal treats.

Our Active Adult Retirement Living Choice

As I am taking in the enchantment of it all I realize there is a whole world of choices awaiting us and I want it all. Our retirement should be a new beginning and an adventure not the end destination. Hence the decision to become full-time Active RVer's is born and the joy of knowing we will be able to experience the beauty and wonder in every state when we retire to a life on wheels in a recreational vehicle.

Retirees with new found freedom hit the road in the RV's equipped with all the comforts of home. RV sales to seniors have sky rocketed and are expected to continue as the baby boomer generation consider the RV lifestyle.

Many people from the baby boomer generation have fond memories of the freewheeling 60's and 70's either with their family camping or hanging out in those hippie carpeted vans.

RV Snowbirds

RV communities that are geared towards retired travelers, snowbirds, and baby boomers are plentiful in the Southwest regions which are popular destinations for retired travelers looking to escapee harsh winters for mild sunny locations. Snowbirds is a common nickname for seniors who travel from their home base during the winter season to sunnier places such as Arizona snowbirds, winter Texans, California and Florida.

According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, baby boomers make up the largest and fastest-growing segment of RV owners.

In addition to the travel options retirees are attracted to the friendly factor or RVing. There is a camaraderie among most RV enthusiasts. RVer's are some of the nicest people. As retirees happily wander around they meet new people who become their friends for life. Often meeting up in the same places year after year to catch up with each other. Thanks to technology keeping in touch with new friends and old is getting easier and easier. Laptops, Iphones, wireless connections, e-readers, and mobile hot-spots make it a breeze to stay connected. Facebook has made it really easy to share your location with loved ones.

Many seniors want to travel in their retirement without lugging suitcases, worrying about airport security checks or delays, or hotel reservations. The ability to travel at their own pace appeals to many seniors. You can travel in comfort and ease whether you wish to cover a lot of territory or little. Basically traveling in an RV gives you more control, comfort and ease when traveling. Your clothes can hang in the closet instead of packed into suitcases. Bathroom facilities are private and convenient and you'll sleep in your own comfortable bed every night. No more tiny airplane bathrooms and hotel pillows that hurt your neck. The ability to prepare your own fresh food is another advantage. It's great fun to try new restaurants, but if you have to go out for every meal the cost can really add up. Active adult retirement living in your RV can help you control the overall cost, the calories, and sodium for special diets.

Visiting children and grandchildren scattered across the county is much easier in an RV. Modern day gypsies who choose the nomadic lifestyle instead of just for vacation or temporary job. Living on the road for extended periods of time bringing your home with you restless souls with a wandering spirit hitting the road in your home on wheels. As in the past they occasionally encounter persecution along the way for their lifestyle choice. Thanks to the millions of unshackled travelers that embrace the freedom to move whenever the urge takes them active adult retirement living in an RV is more commonly accepted now than ever.

Active Adult Retirement Living Nomad Style

For modern day nomads home is in an RV. Like millions of others we are natural born nomads who's restless souls aren't content unless we are on the move. Those who forsake a traditional stick and brick foundation for life on the road to new adventures. Unfettered by the responsibilities, headaches, and expense of home ownership for the vagabond mobile lifestyle. Full time RVer's by the millions roam the nation's highways and byways. It's estimated that more than 450,000 Americans travel and live full time in their RV's. Retiree's are joining these ranks considering it an affordable and enjoyable active adult retirement living option.

Not everyone is cut out for full time RVing though. Some people prefer to try RVing for several months and see if the confined space is something you can live with long term before liquidating everything. Snowbirds who live in their RV for months at a time sometimes decide to sell the house instead of continuing to maintain it, while others prefer to keep both. It's a matter of personal choice for everyone, but regardless of your decision to full time or part time, an active adult retirement lifestyle with an RV is relaxing and enjoyable for millions.

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