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Fulltime RV living isn't just for retirees. Families and couples who want to live an adventurous life are choosing the RV lifestyle.

Working While Fulltime RV Living

Contractors and others who travel for their jobs find it very convenient to live in a rolling home versus trying to get back to a permanent location. When our work took us from Arizona to California, then Oregon, Texas, and back to Arizona we decided moving our possessions had become so burdensome that we didn't want to do it anymore.

We sold or gave away most of our possessions and purchased an old truck and a 40' fifth wheel. This wasn't our first time RVing though. We had already owned several motor homes that we used for traveling and vacations prior to this. This would be our first time actually living only in the RV though.

As it turns out fulltime RVing was the best decision we could have made. We moved to a new city on average every eight months and the packing amounted to nothing more than securing a few things, pulling in the slide outs, then hooking up and drive away. Oh the joy of it.

DIY for Fulltime RV Living

Of course not everything is rosy in the RV lifestyle. When you use an RV, especially on a fulltime basis things are bound to break from heavy or repetitive use. Not every RV is built to withstand the daily use.

We had heavy use of the water heater, the carpet, and the furniture which all needed to be replaced. Most of these things can be repaired easily if you're a DIY repair kind of person.

Hitting the Road as a Fulltime RVer

There are many things to be aware of when you decide to go RV fulltiming.

  • Choosing a Home Base
  • Domicile State Popular with Fulltimers
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Banking
  • Registration of Vehicles and Insurance Costs
  • Voters Registration
  • Taxes
  • Health Care
  • Dealing with Emergencies
  • Satellite TV Service
  • Personal Belongings
  • Family Members
  • Home Schooling if Traveling with Children
  • Earning Income on the Road
  • Finding Affordable and Clean RV Parks
  • Best RV for Fulltime Use
  • Maintaining an RV That's Used Fulltime
  • Costs of Fulltime RVing

Many people ask about the cost of full time RVing. The answer isn't a straight forward one. It will depend mostly on your lifestyle choices. Fulltiming can be very expensive and very frugal depending on how you go about it.

Choices for Fulltime RV Living

Early on in your decisions you'll have to be choosing a fulltime rig to live in. You'll find choices from million dollar rolling palaces, to the smallest truck campers. Yes, we actually know fulltimers who lives in truck campers and are quite happy doing so. You'll also need to decide if you'll be living mostly in RV parks or doing a lot of dry camping or boon docking. You'll find that RV parks range from the very expensive to super cheap. There are some very nice parks that are well maintained and have affordable monthly rents. Renting by the month will almost always be less expensive than nightly rental. You'll need to plan your travels according to your budget.

Bottom line though is fulltime RVing is affordable to almost anyone who chooses to live this lifestyle, but each person will modify their lifestyle to fit their budget and living preferences just as you do with a regular permanent house. Do you live in a castle and eat at five star restaurants everyday or do you live more modestly and cook at home most of the time?

Most fulltimers will tell you the best part of living the RV lifestyle is the ability to pick up and go whenever you want. I have to agree on this point. The freedom this lifestyle affords you just can't be beat if you love visiting new places. In our situation where we moved to a new state and city every eight months it afforded us a good amount of time to actually experience what each city was really like. When we were in large cities like Houston, Texas we'd move our RV from the West side, to the East, South and North into different RV parks so we could explore and live in each part of the city. It was a wonderful way to live. We had the time to visit nearby cities and would sometimes hook-up our rig and weekend in a city not far away. If you want to travel and explore then you just can't beat the full time RV living experience.

Are You Enjoying Fulltime RV Living

Are you a fulltime RVer? Would you like to be? Pay it forward and share your fulltime RV living experiences and stories so others who are dreaming of living the lifestyle can learn from your knowledge and experience.

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