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Light Weight Camping Trailers

Looking for light weight camping trailers? Enjoy browsing our extensive list of manufacturers includes; small tent trailers, pop up camping trailers, small lightweight fiberglass travel trailers, and teardrop trailer manufacturers.

Many campers are looking for a cheap lightweight travel trailer that can be easily pulled by a car, small truck or SUV. Light weight camping trailers that may be easily stored, reasonably priced yet provide them and their family with a comfortable space for resting, cooking and avoiding the elements.

Here's our list of some of the most popular compact camping trailers.











Casita Small Lightweight Travel Trailers

Casita has been building their light weight molded fiberglass travel trailers since 1983. They are self-contained, fully insulated, lightweight all molded fiberglass. Casita's are aerodynamic, and easy to tow with almost any vehicle.

They have several models available from the 13' Patriot to the 17' Liberty Deluxe which offer options of two small single beds, a double bed or even a king size bed. Other features include swivel chairs, bath and shower areas, air conditioners, porta potty, and microwave ovens. Convenient features that make these durable little trailers a popular choice for fun and easy camping or traveling.

For more information visit Casita Travel Trailers at 3030 S McKinney, Rice TX 75155, call 800-442-9986 or visit the company website at casitatraveltrailers.com

Coachman Ultra-Light Travel Trailers

Coachmen is a division of Forest River, Inc. Coachman has a line of ultra-light travel trailers called the Apex. The Apex is spacious and versatile. You can choose from U shaped booth, or a conventional style booth, large angled showers and abundant storage. The Apex is perfect for use with smaller tow vehicles. Easy to pack, hitch up and go. Designed with laminated counter tops, aluminum framed walls, floor and roof. Apex has travel trailers and hybrid expandables that are amazingly lightweight and durable. Can easily be towed with a 1/2 ton truck and some SUVs. Most models weigh between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds.

Certified Green - Apex is TRA gold level rated as a certified green RV. Apex utilizes effective production techniques in combination with healthy materials and efficient usage of energy and water to produce a high quality RV with less environmental impact.



Coleman Camping Trailer

For more that 40 years Coleman Camping Trailers were built in Somerset, Pennsylvania.

Columbia Northwest

Columbia Northwest has created a new line of lightweight pop up travel trailers called the Somerset line. They are built around the quality construction that went into the former Coleman Trailers. Columbia Northwest is creating six new models ranging in size from 8 to 14 feet with prices ranging from $9,000 to $17,000 depending on the model. For more information visit somersetrv.com






Egg Camper

Eggcamper lightweight aerodynamic easy to tow molded fiberglass travel trailer with an easy to clean molded interior. Visit eggcamper.com for more information on their light weight camping trailers.

The Egg


Fiber Stream

Fleetwood Light Weight Camping Trailers

Forest River Rockwood Pop-Up

Rockwood pop up campers include all the basics in small package at a reasonable price and is towable by most vehicles.

Fun Finder X

The ultra-lightweight Fun Finder X by Cruiser RV offers models that weighs in at less than 4,000 pounds yet include many features that will make your adventures comfortable and enjoyable. There are eleven models to choose from. To find out more information visit the company website at cruiserrv.com or call 866-277-5630.



Go Little Guy



Hunter I

Inos The New Euro Luxury Trailer

The Inos is built by a Welsh based manufacturer called the Fifth Wheel Company. Their claim is the first British built slide out caravan on the luxury Inos unit. The small RV is just short of 23 feet with a GVWR of 5,952 pounds.

It comes equipped with lavish amenities including a luxury bedroom, heated underbelly, an open living area with an extra 10 feet of floor space created by the slide-out. This new design is a big change for the Euro market which general offers very small and basic units. This luxury doesn't come cheap though it's estimated price with be around $56,000.

To find out more visit the company website at fifthwheelco.com



KZ Recreational Vehicles

KZ 14 foot Spree Escape light weight camping trailers offers six compact floor plans with comfort and convenience items. For more information visit kz-rv.com to find the model that's right for your family.

Lander 401


Lite House

Little Joe Compact Camping Trailers

Little Guy

Little Guy T@B teardrop camping trailers are small on size and weight yet big on features.

Standard features include: 1.7 cubic Ft. refrigerator, 2 burner stove, sink with pump, AC and heater, fantastic fan, porti potty, TV/DV/AM/FM radios, birch cabinetry, 14" Alloy wheels, Deep cycle battery, propane tank, and surge brakes. Weighing in at only 1450 pounds and an exterior length of 15' 2" the Little Guy is easily towed by almost any vehicle.

Believe it or not you can get these Little Guys with a queen or even king size bed, sink stove and additional options. They are so light you can tow it with a VW Beetle. For more information visit golittleguy.com or call 877-545-4897.

Livin Lite ultra lightweight travel trailers

Livin' Lite is a leading manufacturer of Quicksilver all-aluminum constructed Ultra -Lite Weight Tent Campers, Truck Campers, and Sport Utility Trailers. A revolutionary ultra-lightweight camper can be towed by a number of full size sedans.

Love Bug



MKP Grandesse

Northern Lite




Perris Pacer

Play-Mor II



Rockwood Pop up


Skamper Lightweight Travel Trailers Scamp Very lightweight Scamp travel trailers designed for easy towing by small cars and trucks. The aerodynamic camper design assures high fuel efficiency.



Starcraft offers a choice of folding camping trailers, the AR-One the Travel Star all super lightweight and easy to tow, store with everything you need to make your camping adventure affordable and comfortable.

I have fond memories of camping with my grandparents when I was young. They would take my twin sister and I camping every summer. They both loved to fish. We had the most enormous yellow tent back then that we called a circus tent because of it's size. My sister and I could assemble that circus tent in less than 30 minutes and unpack the car in less than 10 minutes. We used that big yellow tent for years, but when it was worn out and leaking our grandparents decided to upgrade to a pop-up camper. It was the latest thing at the time and most campgrounds didn't see many light weight camping trailers in those days. We were the envy of the campground with our tiny little pop-up camper.



Terry Trailer

Tote N Tarry

TrailManor lightweight pop up camping trailers

TrailManor Located in Lake City, TN. Light weight camping trailers that fold down for easy towing.

Trail Mite

Trails West





Wilderness RVs