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Old Motorhomes

Are old motorhomes really a good option for your RV travels? Seems like prices just keep going up on everything, but have you looked at the cost of a new motorhome lately?

If you're in the market for a motorhome for your family vacations then you may have experienced sticker shock on some of the new motorhomes. Many of the new models are not priced within the family entertainment or vacation budget.

Old Motorhomes

The value of many new motorhomes goes down significantly in the first year you own it, and then drops dramatically again after the five year mark. If you consider the depreciation value of your investment dollars, then you might be better off buying an old motorhome.

One of the main reasons people shy away from buying used is they don't want to worry about repair problems on an RV with no warranty. It can really ruin a vacation to get part-way to your destination and experience engine problems. Another reason people may avoid older used motorhomes is excessive wear and tear inside and out.

Used Motorhome Prices

So how do you determine what's a good value? One of the best ways to find used motorhome prices is to use the online resources such as NADA which offers a search you can use to estimate a used motorhome value.

Another good resource when determining value is to look at several RV sales sites like RV Trader and Ebay to see how much older used motorhomes are really selling for.

If you find a used RV you're interested in do an online search for it's make, model and year. You may be surprised at the wide range of prices that you'll find it listed for.

We learned the hard way on an old motorhome we purchased. The seller had the same RV listed in multiple RV ads, but we happened to find it in the most expensive ad. Then after the fact learned that the seller was listing it for a much lower price in other ads.

Finding good used motorhomes for sale will take some effort, but the cost savings can be tremendous.

Consider an old motorhome that has low mileage, yet has been well maintained and that most of the depreciation has already impacted the price. This way you can get a good price and a nice motorhome that fits your family budget without breaking the bank.

Old motorhomes can be an affordable option as long as they are mechanically sound, your RVing experience can be just as enjoyable in an old motorhome as it would be in a more expensive one.

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