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Park Model RV Homes

Park model RV homes are an excellent choice if you love a location and want to go there frequently. Instead of owning a second home with all the expense involved; many people choose a destination trailer in a resort, so they can enjoy the location without having to maintain a large home.

Out west there are hundreds of RV resorts filled with tiny vacation cottages, called park model RV homes.

Small but luxurious they are becoming increasingly popular around the country, and are very popular with snowbirds who head south every winter to escape the cold weather in the Northern states.

Arizona is especially popular with snowbirds who return as reliably as the tides to the simple resort life where they trade their snow boots for flip-flops or sandals.

Park Model RV Homes

Instead of shoveling snow these snowbirds are enjoying a cocktail on their patio with their returning friends and neighbors, or relaxing in the sparkling pool and spa at their vacation and seasonal dwelling.

These park model travel trailers are like playhouses for adults. Complete with all the necessities for relaxing, dining, and entertaining without the worry, major expense or hours of outdoor maintenance.

Park models have all the amenities you enjoy at home, including full kitchens, large bathrooms, complete entertainment centers and house style furniture and appliances.

The trend toward tiny houses under 1000 square feet are becoming more popular than ever with families looking for a retreat or escapes cottage. Some folks such as those mentioned on The Tiny House Blog decide the size is just right to use as their full-time residence.

A park model log cabin makes a delightful little hideaway. They are made as pre-fab and can be shipped directly to your location for simple set-up. Making them an easy choice to place on your private land or in a lakeside resort.

We have owned three park models and enjoy the easy lifestyle accompanied by them. You can lock it up and leave it for months and not worry about them. The park maintains all the landscaping and will call you if there is ever an issue with your trailer.

We spend a lot of time in Arizona since we have family there, so having a park model RV home gives us a residential feel for longer term stays such as over the winter holidays.

Cavco, based in Arizona is one of the largest producers of Manufactured Housing, Park Models and Cabin Vacation Homes in the United States. Here's a list of park model manufacturers and other tiny homes you might enjoy.

  • Cavco Park Models and Cabins - cavco.com
  • Park Models Direct - parkmodelsdirect.com
  • Skyline Park Models - skylinepm.com
  • Park Homes and Cabins - parkhomesandcabins.com
  • Recreational Resort Cottages - recreationalresortcottages
  • Palm Harbor - palmharbor.com
  • Prestige Homes - prestigehomes.org
  • Cusato Cottages - cusatocottages.com
  • Jot House - jothouse.com
  • Loftcube - loftcube.com
  • Ideabox - ideabox.us
  • Yes Wee Cabins - yeswecabins.com
  • Tiny Texas Houses - tinytexashouses.com
  • Q-House - q-house.org
  • Sherpa Cabins - sherpacabins.com
  • Tumbleweed Tiny House Company - tumbleweehouses.com
  • Kanga Room Systems - kangaroosstems.com
  • Brightbuilt Barn - brightbuiltbarn.com
  • Clever Homes - cleverhomes.net
  • Wee House Alchemy Architects - weehouse.com
  • Meka - medaworld.com

A used park model trailer can be purchased for a few thousand dollars in some parks, but be careful to read the rules and regulations of the park along with the rental agreement to make sure it's a good buy. Inspect the premises to ensure the amenities are well maintained even in the off-season.

Do you own or have you ever owned a park model mobile home? We'd love to hear your comments.

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