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Roadtrek Motorhomes

Roadtrek motorhomes are the fuel efficient RV you'll love to drive. Would you like to travel in a vehicle that is spacious and comfortable with all the conveniences of a larger motorhome, but fits into a normal parking space and can be used as a second vehicle for your family?

Roadtrek motorhomes are the number one selling class B motorhome in North America. Using a Roadtrek camper van for cross country or just across town you can enjoy having your own kitchen, bathroom, changing room, family room and bedroom all packed into the fuel efficient camper van.

Since Roadtrek campers are so versatile you are likely to get a lot more use out of the vehicle than you would a larger motorhome. Unless you are a full-time RVer who needs the livability and space of a larger rig the small motorhomes can be used for everything from the grocery store run to the cross-country road trip.

There are several different models including the 170 Versatile, 190 Popular, 210 Popular, 210 Versatile, RS Adventurous, SS Agile, SS Ideal. Different models are built on variety of chassis and engines including the GM chassis with either the GM 4.8L or 6.0L gas engine. The Adventurous, Agile and Ideal are built on the Freightliner Mercedes Sprinter chassis with the V-6 Turbo diesel engine.

    Benefits of Roadtrek Campers
  • Easily gets 15 to 22 miles per gallon
  • Easy to drive and park
  • Also available in four-wheel-drive
  • Styled like an automobile to help avoid RV parking restrictions
  • Seats up to 6 people comfortably
  • Comfortable to live in
  • Comfortable to drive in
  • Includes a bathroom and a shower
  • Separate eating and sleeping areas
  • Sleeps up to 4 people
  • King-size bed also available

Why We Love Camper Vans

Camper vans spend less time in storage than do other types of RVs, so you may be getting more use out of the vehicle than you would a larger motorhome. Navigating traffic in congested cities is a breeze in such a small motorhome which is a bit more stressful in larger rigs.

Campervan conversions are convenient and give you maximum flexibility and the freedom to drive as far as you want and return when you're ready. You can be more spontaneous in your road trips because there are no reservations to worry about. No need to spend your time looking for the next rest area or bathroom since you have one on board.

Instead of a fast food burger joint you can prepare your own fresh healthy food in your own galley. No need to make motel reservations you can stop and nap if you tire or have your own comfortable bed waiting for you wherever you are. Even if you're just dreading the next long drive to Grandma's house having a camper van can make all the difference because the kids are able to spread out or lie down.

Thinking of heading into the wilderness for a nature trek? Instead of camping in a tent you have the security of your van with all the comforts you'll need. Because of it's small size and lighter weight you can zip down the highway footloose and fancy free. Owners find that they are exploring more often because driving off in your camper van whether for weekend getaways or longer excursions makes traveling easy.

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