RV Awning Repair

Depending on the extent of your RV awning repair it can be as simple as a proper cleaning, or you may need to do a complete RV awning replacement.

The first step in determining your repair needs is to thoroughly inspect your fabric and mechanisms to determine what needs fixing.

Check all parts including; arm locking knobs, mounting brackets, pull straps, handles, pins, bolt assemblies, and the sliding arm locks.

When inspecting the fabric you should be checking for any tears, cuts, or pinholes. Look for rot and mildew caused by water or moisture trapped on the fabric when rolled up.

Minimal damage is fairly easy to fix using awning repair tape for small rips or punctures. The clear tape is durable, and has great adhesion even on damp surfaces.

Fabric that is severely worn out or leaking may need a full replacement or an upgrade might be the best idea. If damage to the fabric is extensive, but your mounting hardware is still in working condition then consider using RV awning replacement fabric for your repairs.

RV awning replacement fabric is available in long lasting heavy-duty vinyl or acrylic.

Old worn out fabrics can be replaced with a new awning replacement fabric which are available in a wide variety of beautiful colors and patterns for every type of RV.

RV Awning Replacement

Consider an RV awning replacement if damage to working parts is extensive, or you determine it's time to upgrade your current manual awning to a more modern powered design.

Newer powered technology offers beautiful sleek designs using lateral arms for maximum head clearance, wireless remote control operation, and motion detection systems to automatically retract if they sense excessive movement. These options are not only convenient, but add quality, value, performance and style to your RV.

Powered awnings aren't just for the big rigs anymore. You can find replacements for a pop up camper awning, tent trailer awning, or travel trailer awnings that offer easy push-button operation at economical prices.

Don't neglect over the door or window awnings. They will add a modern streamlined look to any RV and will protect and shade your RV from sun and rain.

RV Awning Manufacturer

Look for the RV awning manufacturer official websites for RV awning repair or replacement products.

  • A E Awnings
  • Carefree of Colorado Awning or Carefree RV Awnings
  • Dometic Awnings
  • Faulkner Awnings
  • Sunbrella Awnings
  • Sunchaser Awning
  • Zip Dee Awning

Manufacturers of RV awning repair products offer complete instructions with all of their replacement or upgrade parts. Check with the manufactures directions to determine if dealer installation is required.

RV Awning Lights

Using an RV awning accessory such as camper awning lights gives the finishing touch in creating a beautiful patio area.

RV Awning Cleaner

Maintenance is very important and you'll want the best awning cleaner you can find to keep your shade looking new.

Look for awning cleaners and protectants that remove mold, dirt, mildew, tree sap, and grime yet are safe for vinyl, nylon, and acrylic fabrics.

  • Camco Awning Cleaners
  • Thetford RV Awning Cleaners
  • Aerospace Protectants
  • Meguiars Canvas Cleaner