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Join us and share in the passion for traveling in an RV. You can become part of the Active RVer community on our RV chats and forums below.

Ask questions, give feedback on articles, discuss topics of interest or concern and just enjoy reading what others have shared.

Don't just dream the dream, live it. Traveling in your recreational vehicle opens up a world of places to explore with a vast amount of wonders to discover. Places to go, things to do and enjoying life.

When you decide to travel do it your way, in your own time, and do it with style and comfort in your own RV. Explore your world and the exciting world of life in the great outdoors. Visiting exciting new cities, going to festivals, shows, museums, and national parks.

Active RVer is all about getting the most out of your recreational vehicle. The beauty of traveling in an RV is that you can make your vacation whatever you want it to be. It doesn't matter if you own the most luxurious motorhome or the smallest teardrop camper. Life in the outdoors is exciting, it's fun and it's healthy.

If you're new to RVs you'll be amazed at the levels of comfort and convenience in modern motor homes, travel trailers and even small camper vans that are designed with style and function in mind.

You can enjoy reading about innovative manufacturers, new Eco designed RVs that will inspire you to take a fresh look at the world of traveling in an RV.

On the RV Discussion Forums newcomers can enjoy the practical advice and our not too technical approach with a good amount of been there done that experience under our belts, and the family of RV enthusiasts who inhabit our online community.

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Awning Shade for Slide Outs? 
We have seen campers with slide outs that have a screen slide out to protect the top of the slide out. Just wondering what the pros and cons are of having ...

RV Commode Problems 
Let me tell you about the mistake I made! We’ve been experiencing problems with our black tank, it fills up to fast and we’ve come to think that the previous ...

Cable TV Hookup 
Anyone know how to do this so it works? We've had our RV for a year and never have done it!

Need New Front Window Drapes 
Where is the best place to buy these?

Quick Getaways 
Need a quick getaway? Sometimes you don't have the time or the money to take any more than an afternoon or overnight trip.

Where's your favorite close-...

Dutch Oven Campfire Recipes 
I just love making dutch oven campfire recipes when my family is camping.

With a little planning ahead you can create healthy meals that your whole ...

Small Motorhome 
Everything is getting smaller. As we down size our appliances it opens up our world.

Our phones, radios, and old typewriter have all shrunk down to ...

Earthbound Travel Trailers 
Anyone own or have experience with Earthbound Travel Trailers? I am planning a trip to Alaska and am seriously thinking about Earthbound, but need to ...

RV Pets 
Pets are part of our family and keeping them healthy, safe and happy while on the road is important.

RVers post your pet related issues: Everything ...

RVing with Disabilities 
Are you an RV enthusiast who is ability challenged?

Share your stories, experiences and discuss issues about RVing with disabilities, health issues,...

Campfire Cooks and Connoisseurs 
Campfire cooks time to move beyond beans and weenie's and get your creative culinary juices flowing.

Keep the troops happy with delicious nutritious ...

Velvac Mirror 
Has anyone installed a Velvac mirror on their motorhome? I am wondering how difficult the mirrors are to install and if you felt that it had improved your ...

Snowbird Information 
Looking to share snowbird information? If you're heading to warmer climates for the winter and want to connect with other like-minded travelers post your ...

Hells Canyon Adventures 
I love the visitor advertising that Oregon publishes for Hells Canyon.

"We named it Hells Canyon to scare people away. Not you of course."

While ...

Looking for like minded travelers 
Hi- we are a Christian couple still in the workforce- but working towards retirement. We live in Quincy, Ca ( By Reno, Nv) We are looking for someone ...

Plan Your Best Vacation Yet  Not rated yet
Are you getting ready to plan your best vacation yet?

Where are you going, where will you stop to eat, where will you stay?

What amazing state parks ...

School Bus Conversions  Not rated yet
We spotted this school bus camper conversion while driving through California.

It made me wonder how practical it would be to actually use a school ...

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van  Not rated yet
The U.S. market for motorhomes built on the reliable Mercedes Sprinter chassis is up 16% in 2012, and expected to climb even higher as the economy begins ...

Keystone Montana RV  Not rated yet
I am really loving the Keystone Montana RV called the High Country. The Helium Technology uses revolutionary engineering that created an unheard of weight ...

Desert Rat Off Road  Not rated yet
If you love desert rat off road adventures you can connect with other enthusiasts to discuss toy haulers, events, outings, destinations, equipment modifications,...

RV Travel Lifestyle  Not rated yet
For all you Active RVers who have taken the plunge into the RV Lifestyle use the dicussion forum to connect with others on real issues and how you deal ...

New RVers  Not rated yet
New RVers if you're just getting started in RVing or considering it you can use this RV discussion forum to ask about tips, tricks, questions, or anything ...

Dodge Diesel Forum  Not rated yet
I have a owned several older Dodge diesel Ram 3500 Pickups that I have used for my Lance Truck Camper and to tow a 35' Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel.

The ...