RV Rubber Roof Repair

We're not experts in RV rubber roof repair, but the basics of it seem rather straight forward and some the materials seem fairly simple to use. Small areas that need patches can be fixed using EPDM materials in connection with the proper adhesives.

You can purchase RV roof leak repair kits at RV supply stores that are designed specifically for this purpose. The process seems as simple as thoroughly cleaning the area, cutting the patch material and applying the adhesive following the manufacturers directions.

To repair RV roof in much larger areas there are also kits sold in three foot sections that include a cleaning solution, the membrane, and cement for sticking it to your roof. Repairing these larger areas requires a little more work in smoothing and finishing off lapped areas.

Rubber roofs are common on RVs and need to be maintained using proper cleaners and sealants. A rubber roof should be inspected and repaired or completely replaced if damage is extensive.

Replacing your entire rubber roof involves many steps:

    Here's Just Basics of Rubber Roof Replacement
  • Remove all roof items (vents, etc)
  • Clean and sweep the entire roof
  • Any imperfections on the roof can create a possible area of wear. Because of this some people consider covering the roof with plywood before affixing the new rubber roof material.
  • Apply the adhesive to your roof
  • Roll out your rubber roof sheeting
  • Remove all the bubbles, air pockets and wrinkles
  • Install molding to secure the edges
  • Rubber tape all edges, and around vents, etc
  • Apply sealant around all vents, etc

Complete rubber roof repair or replacement kits are available at RV supply stores. The kits include complete instructions for their use.

Product Suggestions

Look for the following products to repair or maintain your rigs roof.

  • Dicor Rubber Roof Coating System and DISEAL Taping Products
  • PATCHIT Repair Kit for punctures, tears, and breaks
  • KOOLSEAL Top Coats
  • Geocel Leak Sealant
  • SIKA RV Roof Sealant System
  • CAMCO Roof Cleaning Products
  • HENG'S Roof Coatings
  • LIQUID ROOF Repair Kits
  • DYCO Roof Coatings, Caulks, and Sealants