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RV vans and particularly the collectible VW campervan have a huge following of enthusiasts. Campervan clubs are a good ways to connect with other van enthusiasts.

The VW Transport is legendary and perhaps the best selling conversion in the history of the campervan. First developed in 1940 the Transporter became a phenomenal success and is still produced in Brazil today.

Up until 2004 Volkswagen didn't produce a factory camper, but approved van conversions from other companies which created the Panel van, Kombi, Vanagon, Westfalia, Devon, Dormobile, Sundial, Danbury and Microbus . There were over 40 different van conversions using the Transporter base to build upon. All of them continue to be favorites for enthusiasts of VW camper bus restorations.

Also know as Class B motor homes or camping van conversions these small motorhomes have been popular in the United States since the 1970's. Today's Class B motor homes provide advantages, features and comforts built on Ford, Chevrolet and Mercedes Sprinter chassis. Class B motor homes or van camper manufacturers include: Roadtrek, Leisure Travel Vans, Winnebago, Pleasure-Way and Great West Van.

There are plenty of practical reasons for buying a campervan versus a larger motor home. They offer freedom and flexibility for today's RV enthusiasts who demand value and comfort. Many buyers are looking for the fuel squeezing Class B instead of a larger Class A or Class C motorhome because of the many advantages of a small motorhome. A van is nimble, fuel-efficient, easy-to-drive and can double as a daily use vehicle running the kids to after school games or grocery shopping. These small motor homes will allow you access to places you'd never dream of driving a larger one.

Some state parks don't allow longer vehicles access, but leaving your rig outside the park to drive your tow vehicle into the park for the day means you'll have to back track to retrieve your motor home or pull trailer. Maybe that's not such a big deal, but it may limit your exploring knowing you'll have to spend time and fuel backtracking.

If you love road trips with loads of sightseeing than a campervan may be the perfect choice for you. The cost per square foot is the highest in the industry, but it pays off in storage, usability, fuel and camping costs. Any scenic route that allows cars will be open to adventure for you.

New RV Vans

As fuel prices continue to rise RV Manufacturers continue to offer camper van's either as their main product or as an alternative to larger motor homes they manufacturer. The following companies currently manufacturer an RV van conversion.

The RV Sprinter conversion vans are a popular chassis for use in today's camper vans, and many companies are using it as their platform for van conversions.

Do you own a campervan? Add your comments or campervan reviews on the RV discussion forums.

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