Scamp Campers

Scamp campers are lightweight aerodynamic molded fiberglass that's easy to tow and maneuver with a smaller tow vehicle.

Campground setup is quick and easy, then when the fun is done clean up of the fiberglass interior/exterior is a breeze.

Scamp Campers

A small travel trailer can go almost anywhere. You can see this one was spotted just outside a Starbucks. A little trailer might just be the right size for all of those new places you'd like to go, beautiful scenic drives, cool city getaways and amazing state parks you'd like to visit.

If you're in the market looking at small fiberglass travel trailers the Scamp offers a variety of lengths to choose from including a 13', 16' and the 19" Scamp fifth wheel.

The scamp travel trailer has been built since 1971 by a family owned company who prides themselves on building a quality, strong dependable lightweight travel trailer that is economical and built to last.

The diminutive Scamp RV is loaded with amenities including stoves, furnaces, cable TV hookups, refrigerator, and some floor plans even include a shower package with holding tanks.

For those who of you who want to enjoy the thrill of exploring the open road, but don't want to invest a significant amount of money a small fiberglass travel trailer can offer you years of trouble free fun.

These tiny trailers are an affordable travel option for many who enjoy the RV Lifestyle.

If you're new to towing be sure to follow the manufactures guidelines for your tow vehicle when choosing a trailer. Always be careful not to overload your trailer to ensure safe travel.