Small Motorhome

Small Motorhome

by Sharon

Everything is getting smaller. As we down size our appliances it opens up our world.

Our phones, radios, and old typewriter have all shrunk down to hand held devices, and as these items have made our lives more mobile, so too is the trend on RVs.

Small is big now-a-days. The trend to down size is becoming more popular than ever.

Small motor homes are gaining in popularity due to the fuel costs, but also because people understand that having a smaller RV gives them more flexibility and is generally more mobile.

While those big beautiful 40 foot class A motor homes are wonderful for living in, they generally take you from point A to point B and then use a tow vehicle to get about.

With a small motorhome you don't need a tow vehicle. Save fuel, more flexibility, easy to drive, comfortable to travel in and like your cell phone; a small motorhome opens your world to places you can not drive a larger RV.

What's your thoughts on this trend for down sizing?

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Small Motorhome

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Mar 20, 2012
Reasons We Prefer a Small Motor Home
by: Marianne Edwards

We drive a B-Class Roadtrek and, for us, there are many reasons (besides just the fuel savings) to stick with a small motor home.

-We can access narrow dirt roads leading to free dispersed camping areas without worrying about whether we'll be able to turn around if we had to.

-Wherever overnight parking is allowed we can usually “sneak-a-sleep” if we want.

- We don't have to worry about finding special parking spots or paying a premium to park or to take a ferry etc.

-Our kitchen and larder is always with us which saves on restaurant meals.

-We don't have the space so we're less likely to bring or buy things we don't need or won't use.

- If, while exploring, we happen upon a great overnight spot, we can just stay without having to go back to get the RV first.

- We're more spontaneous. Since all our gear is with us, we can throw our kayak in a lake or hike a trail wherever we happen to come across the opportunity.

-We end up spending more time outdoors - which, after all, is the idea in the first place.

-Because of this trend toward smaller RVs, I think they'll better hold their value for when it comes time to upgrade to newer (but never bigger!)

~Marianne Edwards

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