Teardrop Camping Trailers

Teardrop camping trailers make sense in this economy of high fuel costs and are a smart economical choice for those looking for outdoor adventure with basic camping needs.

Although there are RVs available for every budget if you're looking for a cost effective choice for fun and easy camping trips than you should consider teardrop camping trailers.

The tiny trailers get their name from their distinctive teardrop shape. They are an easy choice with outdoor enthusiasts who love them for quick weekend getaways, hunting & fishing trips, for easy towing on beautiful scenic drives or camping in amazing state parks.

These nifty little towable's are easy on the pocket book costing as little as $1500 to build one yourself. Lightweight and affordable these aerodynamic trailers can be towed by a small vehicle or even a motorcycle saving you a bundle on fuel costs.

The teardrop has a very functional design. In the rear a hatch lifts up to the expose an outdoor kitchen area where there is space to stow a large cooler, two burner propane stove top, and storage for cooking utensils plus pots & pans. Outdoor kitchens are a growing trend in the RV industry and gaining popularity with larger RVs. The side doors of the teardrop access the sleeping area for a cozy off the ground nest for two. There is generally a shelf or cabinet for clothing or bedding items mounted towards the rear of the sleeping area.

Vintage Teardrop Trailer

These little guys have been around since the 1940's and are still popular or even collectible with enthusiasts today. You may be able to find a vintage teardrop trailer in excellent condition because of their small size many of these types of trailers were stored inside a garage or shed and have survived without much damage.

There are lots of ways to find a vintage teardrop trailer, but the internet is the most popular because of sites like Craig's list and Ebay. Remember that online photos will almost always make the trailer look in better condition than it actually is. Doing your due diligence will pay off in the end and finding one with good bones or an intact structure will be key to any restoration project. Once restored these little gems can look like tiny time capsules transporting you back to a simpler time.

There are also manufacturers that build new models made to resemble the vintage teardrops if you love the look, but prefer a new trailer.

Building a Teardrop Trailer

The Kaycraft Kampster plans were introduced in the 1936 December issue of Outdoor Life, and for 50 cents you could buy the blueprints to construct your own trailer.

The September 1947 issue of Mechanix Illustrated magazine published an article with blueprints on how to build a "Trailer for Two" that's light and easily towed. The blueprints outlined the construction of a teardrop trailer offering a streamlined home on wheels for those looking to get away from it all.

Kit campers began springing up offering easy assembly of a tiny camping trailer for a mere $500.

Today you can purchase a variety of kits or plans for building your own teardrop online. Check out Little Bear Tales & Trails for parts and plans online.

One of the best things about building your own is customizing it specifically for your needs. Shelving, storage and sleeping areas can be built to your individual needs. Building a teardrop trailer isn't difficult, but there are a few tricky steps to getting it right. It's best to buy plans from a reputable source to ensure the design specifications include the proper safety precautions.

Teardrop Trailer Manufacturers

For your convenience here's a list of teardrop trailer manufacturers to consider.


There are teardrop clubs where like minded travelers get together and swap stories and ideas among the group. One of the most popular clubs among enthusiasts of teardrop camping trailers is the Tear Jerker's travel club. The club holds events and outings for teardrop enthusiasts.

If you are planning to build your own teardrop joining a club can be a valuable resource for ideas and support.

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