Velvac Mirror

Velvac Mirror

by Sarah
(Bakersfield, CA)

Has anyone installed a Velvac mirror on their motorhome? I am wondering how difficult the mirrors are to install and if you felt that it had improved your field of vision afterwards.

I am considering upgrading and installing newer velvac mirrors in a larger size to improve the visibility on my RV.

I am always nervous when I am changing lanes or backing because it's difficult to get a clear view of what's behind me. It's hard to feel confident navigating my RV when my field of vision is restricted in a small mirror and I can't tell where the blind spot is.

I didn't want to spend a lot of money, but I've heard these might be a good choice for replacements.

Basically, I just want to install them in the same position as the older ones, and I am hoping that the silicone sealant and waterproofing isn't going to be a big mess on the side of my RV either.

Please leave a comment if you've used these to upgrade your mirrors or if you have suggestions on other brands.


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Velvac Mirror

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Mar 12, 2012
Motorhome Mirrors
by: Jeff

Hi Sarah,

My wife was driving our 40 foot motorhome and actually tried to drive it into a mall.

Well, she clipped the mirror on a sign and knocked it clean off.

Instead of just repairing the old mirror I decided to upgrade to new and larger mirrors. (Maybe next time it'll help her see the signs.)

The Velvac is a good brand and they are easy to install into the existing holes. All you really need to do it unscrew the old ones and clean away any debris from the old silicone.

It won't matter what size your RV is, the Velvac is suitable for any size motorhome.

If you have electric mirrors then the electrical connections would have to be properly connected or they wouldn't work anymore.

Other than that you add silicone to the back, screw them into place and add weather seal around the edge of the mirror.

Mine looked really great and all joking aside, the larger mirrors really are an improvement to our motorhome.

I feel like they added to the level of safety due to the increased visability.

Hope this helps.

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