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Vintage Travel Trailers for Sale

Where can you find vintage travel trailers for sale? The answer is everywhere. It's true these little gems can pop up anywhere, but if you're on the hunt for one to restore finding a hidden gem versus fools gold will take some time.

Just picture it. You have a love of the outdoors and wanderlust in your heart. Your dreaming of setting off down the road bound for exciting destinations in your own vintage camper restoration project that you brought back to it's original glory.

Your very own nostalgic head-turning retro trailer. The perfect little trailer to escape the monotony of everyday life, spend time with family, and experience new exciting places or just making the most or your free time.

Okay, now it's time to snap out of it and think about what it'll take to make this dream a reality. If you're gonna make this vintage camper restoration dream happen the first thing on your list is finding a camper.

Sure Ebay and Craig's list are obvious easy starts to your search, but don't stop there. Start driving around and peeking in back yards and open garages where you might spot one of these tiny treasures stowed away.

Deciding what kind of camper you want will be the first step. Do you want a specific year and model or just a particular look like maybe the canned ham trailer which became popular in the 1950's and thousands of them were produced.

Old airstreams are a popular choice and many of these vintage trailers have survived due to their aluminum exterior construction. There are many online forums about vintage travel trailer restoration and used airstream vintage travel trailers for sale.

It's important that you look for a trailer that still has good-bones or that's structure integrity is still intact. Otherwise safety could be a concern. Make sure you thoroughly inspect a trailer before dropping the dough down on one, and don't forget to look underneath it. Some of these little guys may have structural damage that's hidden and are not road-worthy, so buyer beware is the best policy.

While you're searching it's time to think about what you want in your camper. Will you be gutting it for the restoration, or do you want one that's already been fully restored.

If you're going to do the restoration on your own you should decide if you will you be restoring it to it's original style or will you be modernizing it with new amenities?

If you decide on restoring it's original appearance, warmth and styling then finding vintage trailer parts might prove challenging, but satisfying in the end.

There are some vintage trailer supply sources online. Consider your budget in this process and how much you're willing to invest in the project.

If you love the look of a vintage RVs, but aren't sure you're up to the task of a restoration project that brings a vintage RV back into pristine condition then consider one of the new retro trailers.

RV manufacturers have jumped on the retro bandwagon with fervor. Those classic look and feel designs are back only with modern amenities. The Riverside RV Whitewater 130 is one of the new diminutive old-style trailers with the look of years gone by without the old ice-box, and oil-fueled heaters.

To get your creative juices flowing, or just for your drooling pleasure check out the Vintage Campers, Timeless Travel Trailers and Tin Can Tourists websites. Several of them also list vintage travel trailers for sale.

One fun group who have taken vintage camper restoration to a whole new level of creativity is the Sisters on the Fly. This jolly group of women find vintage travel trailers for sale and decorate them in fun and imaginative ways. The group encourages an active lifestyle and meets up for fishing, biking, kayaking or other outdoor activities to share their love of camping and friendship.

Remember dreams become reality with a little creativity and a whole lot of good ole fashion can do attitude.

If you've already restored a vintage trailer please share your story and photos on the forums to give inspiration to others.